About Us

Dr.S.Vijayakumar started the practice on the 7th of June 1975. After initially being a part of the Neurology department he later started the Department of Psychiatry at Public Health Centre (PHC) and Voluntary Health Services (VHS) to address the growing needs of those with mental health problems. Apart from treating mental illness with medications Dr.S.Vijayakumar and his team also focused on various psycho therapeutic techniques to bring about an improvement in the patients quality of life. His current areas of interest are Spirituality and positive mental health.


Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar started her practice nearly 20years back and is famous for her research on Suicidal Prevention Stratergies. Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar founded Sneha in 1986, India's premier suicide prevention centre. She was instrumental in the inclusion of suicide prevention in the National Mental Health Policy of India and she is currently working towards decriminalization of attempted suicide. She is a member of the WHO's Network on suicide research and prevention and a member of the International Academy of Suicide Research. She was the Vice President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention for four years and is currently the national representative for India. She has been conferred with ‘Bharathi Gnananda’, ‘Woman of the year’ and ‘For the sake’ honors awards in India. She was the first Indian Women to be awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom. She is Currently an Associate Professor at the university of Melbourne and adjunct professor at University of Griffith. 


Dr.Vinayak Vijayakumar   After completing his   D.P.M and  M.D  in Psychiatry he

  completed a Masters degree in Addiction. He received the   International  Scholars in 

Addiction Award during his course. After completing his Masters he continues to focus 
in  the  field of Addiction. He is also part of Addiction Medicine  Department in
international  models of care in the Management of Addiction to our country.